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Hiferr Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Hiferr App Privacy Policy. Your privacy is extremely important to us and is our topmost priority. Our Privacy Policy explains why and how we collect, store, protect, use and share your information and data. We suggest you read this in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions of Use.

The term “We”, “Us”, “Our” refers to Hiferr App.

The term “Personal Information” refers to anything that helps us to personally identify you or anything you share with us directly or indirectly or anything we collect about you.

If the information that we collect, or you give helps us to identify you personally then it will be considered as Personal Information. It can include other details, not limited to your name, contact information, age, gender, interests, ethnic background, religion, language, education, lifestyle etc.

We are TRANSPARENT, we do not COMPROMISE on your privacy, and we strive to PROTECT your personal information to the best of our ability.

Why We Collect

We require certain information to deliver our Services and without this we will not be able to provide our Services to you in the best possible way. For example, you must provide your Name, mobile phone number, username, email address etc to create an account and log in to use our Services.

At Hiferr, you will find different features and sections that you may want to access and use. Each section may require certain relevant information about you so that you may use those sections available in our app and so that we can give you the best possible experience that may help you to make full use of the features and sections available.

If and when you want to use our Premium services, you would need to make a purchase via our payment options available from our app. We may collect your payment information to process the payment and give you access to our premium services.

How We Collect

We may collect your personal information directly or indirectly via third party.

  • To use our services, you must register on our app by giving certain details. The information that you give us while registering on our app gets collected by us.
  • We may also collect your personal information if you share with us while using our services available in our app such as but limited to your ethnicity, educational background, relationship status, lifestyle habits etc.
  • When signing up and making payment to use our premium services we may collect your details and information to process the transaction.
  • When you share any form of data on our app, to give you best possible experience and services we may collect your details and information.
  • We also collect your personal information by directly requesting you for your information.
  • We can also collect information about you from other users, from third party, such as social media, government and legal bodies, business partners, any source that share our advertisement, location services or other sources if they give us your information.

What We Collect

In order to access our service, you must give certain information so that we can provide our services and give you the best possible experience. We collect all the details and information you give us while registration or while using our services. We may collect all data such as multimedia, location, contact details but are not limited to it.

If and when you want to use our paid services you would need to make a purchase via payment options available from our app. We may collect your payment information to process the payment and give you access to our paid services.

Use Of Information

Our main goal is to ensure you have best and enjoyable experience on Hiferr. To deliver an enjoyable and great experience to you, we may use your Personal Information and other information and data we collect to:

  • Conduct research and offer you our services and features in the best possible way.
  • Personalize your experience on the App and the content we deliver to you.
  • Contact you with information about the App (e.g., updates, new features, and new offerings).
  • Resolve disputes between you and other Users.
  • With governing and legal bodies if they want to access your details to resolve any issue.

Where We Store Information

All the information and details that we collect from you directly or indirectly are stored on our servers located in different parts of the world. By using the App, you acknowledge that Hiferr is a global app operating through servers located in several countries around the world. If you live in a country with data protection laws, the storage of your personal data may not provide you with the same protections as you enjoy in your country of residence.

Who Has Access Or Can Access Your Personal Information

When using Hiferr, you should assume that anything you post or submit on the App may be publicly viewable and accessible, both by Users of the App and non-Users of the App including Us and Our team.

What rights you have over your data

You can request that we erase any personal data we hold about you. This does not include any data we are obliged to keep for administrative, legal, or security purposes.

Once you delete your account or remove information from your profile/account, copies of that information may still viewable and/or accessed to the extent such information has been previously shared with others or copied or stored by other users or to the extent such information has been shared with search engines. We cannot control this, nor do we accept any liability for this. If you have given third party applications or websites access to your personal information, they may retain such information to the extent permitted under their terms of service or privacy policies.

Under some circumstances, we may disclose your Personal Information to the following:

  • Our staff and employees, related bodies corporate, app hosting providers, debt collectors and professional advisors such as accountants, solicitors, business advisors and consultants.
  • Specific third party, authorized by you to receive information held by us.
  • Our members that you may contact or we may refer.
  • Our partners to give you better experience and services.
  • Any legal bodies, government bodies, your Internet service provider, any law (including the Privacy Act) or police as stated in our Terms and Conditions

How Long We Retain Your Information

We keep your personal information only as long as we need it for legitimate business purposes. However, in practice, we delete or anonymize your information upon deletion of your account.

Cross Border Data Sharing Or Transfer

Hiferr is a global app, and your information will be sent to and used in the different countries such as but not limited to United States, United Kingdom, Australia, China or India regardless of the country you reside in. As an example, the service allows you to connect with users outside your own location or country and your Personal Information may be transferred. Another example may be our staff are in different countries and they may need your information to provide you with better high-quality service and experience and in that case your Personal Information may be transferred to different countries.

User Generated Content

We at Hiferr, want to give our users the best possible experience. Hence, we will not tolerate any abusive user or any content that is objectionable. Nudity, violence or any objectionable content is strictly prohibited on this application. At Hiferr, users have the full right to block/report any abusive user or posts.