Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of the app?

Hiferr aims to connect people of similar interests or intent for any desired purpose. People can connect with each other via chat, share their posts within their preferred distance and make any announcements they like. Read our How it Works section.

2. Can I connect with anyone?

Yes you can connect with anyone within your distance range provided they have not blocked you or put a restriction to receive messages from you.

3. How can I find people who are near to me?

As soon as you finish registration, you can see other users within the default distance range. You can narrow down the distance in case you prefer to connect with locals within your area only.

4. How can I find the relevant people I want to connect with?

The use of keyword is powerful feature we provide in our App which helps users find relevant people nearby. User can select relevant keywords or can even create their own keywords which gets added to the user’s profile.

5. What are keywords?

Keywords are words or a short phrase made up of letters and numbers. It helps users find relevant people nearby.
Keywords can be your hobbies and interests, personality and mood, profession and occupation, services you offer, business name or anything at all that can help users find you. Users can select from the range of keywords we provide or can create their own keywords.

6. How can I add keywords?

While registration, when you select keywords, they get added to your profile. You can also add more new keywords or change the already added keywords by going in your profile’s edit option.

7. How many keywords can I add in my profile?

You must add minimum of three keywords and maximum of seven keywords to your profile.

8. How many characters can I have in my keyword while creating?

You can have maximum of 35 alpha numeric characters without any spaces or symbols.

9. Can other users see my keywords?

Users can see your default keywords that are added to your profile. Created keywords are only visible upon matching if both users are having the same keywords in their profiles.

10. Can I remove keywords form my profile and add new ones?

Yes you can remove the keywords that are already added in your profile and add new ones. However, make sure you must have three keywords always added in your profile as that is the requirement to efficiently use the app.

11. Who can see my posts?

When you are submitting your post, you have an option to submit a post as it is or if you wish to make a premium post. Premium posts are visible to the audience you select and wish to show your posts, while if you post a non premium post, only your followers or those who visit your profile will be able to see your post.

12. How can I delete my posts?

You can delete your posts by swiping right to left and then clicking on the delete option.

13. I moved away from my location but the distance for users did not change?

You distance will be updated every time the screen is refreshed either by going to a different screen or by closing and re-opening the app or refreshing by pulling the screen down.

15. Can I use the app without turning on my location?

You can use the app without turning on the location. However to view nearby users and posts, you must turn on the location and give location access.

16. Can I change my account details?

Once you have fully registered you will not be able to change your account details that you used for registration. You can change your account details only while still in the process of registration by going back from the top left arrow on the screen.

17. Who can see my details?

Your account details will not be visible to any of the users. Your profile details that you enter or your created keywords that matches other users will be visible to the users.

16. How can I delete my profile?

You can delete your account from the Account settings.

17. What happens when I delete my account?

When you delete your account, all your profile details and messages will be deleted, and you will not be able to use the app anymore unless you re-create your account again.

18. I did not get SMS notification code.

Make sure you have entered the correct mobile number in correct format, and you have good network connection. Some areas may have low or poor network and some telecommunication provider may not be as efficient as needed. Hence, we advise you changing location and waiting a bit longer to get SMS code.

18. I did not get email verification code.

Make sure you have entered the correct email address and have checked spam or junk folder.