- How it Works

How Hiferr Works

Hiferr is an app to find relevant people nearby. It helps you find people that are relevant to you within your desired distance range. The app not only allows you to share your posts with users who are following you but also with users within your desired distance range as far as up to 100km in radius and with users within your country and even globally.

Imagine you have been looking to find someone who likes doing what you do: let’s say, you want to go for fishing but can’t find that person within your contacts who likes fishing. Simply type the word “gofishing” in the search bar and you will find all the people who are using the same keyword within your set distance range. Hiferr help users find and connect with the right person for any desired reason or purpose within the distance radius of their choice.

You can choose the relevant keywords from the list of default keywords that we provide or can create your own keywords (for example, gofishing) which gets added to your profile that helps other users to find and connect with you.

Be it for socializing, networking, fun and games, business, services you provide or your profession and occupation, you can create any relevant keywords for any desired purpose which will help users find you and connect with you.

You can also post and share your posts with users as far as 100km radius or with every user within you country or even globally. Users do not need to be your friends or followers or in your contact list. Anyone who is a user on Hiferr will be able to see your post that you have posted.

Whether you are seeking any help, or want to advertise something or make an important announcement, our premium post feature is there for you to spread the word as far as you like without limiting yourself to your contacts or followers only.